Top Antivirus Comparison

An unbiased antivirus comparison is being tried. Some of the most popular antivirus softwares were put on test in parameters like spyware removal, virus removal, anti virus scanning, real time antivirus, USB virus scanning, guaranty period, tech support, resource usage, user interface and ease of internet security comparison 2015

Spyware and adware are very annoying because these can steal identity, data and slow down the system. How well the virus are removed and how are they detected by manual virus scanning, are of prime importance in performance of antivirus softwares. The antivirus software should have capability to scan and monitor continuously. It must also be best in automatically scanning USB. Length of guarantee and availability of support also plays an important role in their use. Installation should be hassle free, quick and easy and it should not occupy a lot of space in CPU memory. Software should also be well organized to provide ease in operation. A comparison has been made to suggest best internet security 2015 software, based on which we give the following more specific comparison.


Software was found excellent in performance for ease in installation, availability of technical support, virus removal, real-time anti virus activities, manual virus scanning and USB virus scanning. Its spyware protection ability is very good and it occupies very little space on CPU so it is very good in resource usage. User interface is good enough to be user-friendly. At a discount price of $ 29.99, it is the cheapest as well as best considered antivirus software with guarantee of 30 days.vipre_pc_rescue


Second to VIPRE, this software has excellent performance in USB virus scanning, real-time antivirus removal and as an anti spyware. It is excellent in installation and for technical support. User interface is very good making it user-friendly. Moreover the installation process is very good with ease. It is very good in occupying very little space on CPU memory. Performance for manual virus scanning is good enough. It has guarantee of 30 days and a price of $39.99.


Next to ESET, this software is excellent in performing as real-time antivirus and virus removal. It is also excellent in occupying very little space on CPU memory. In manual virus scanning, it is very good to perform. Its installation is very good because of ease and quickness. As an antispyware, it is in a good category. It is quite user-friendly with good user interface. It has guarantee of 30 days and pricing of $ 31.99. USB virus scanning by this software is not up to the mark and is considered average. Moreover technical support is also average.


With 30 days guarantee and $31.96 pricing, this software is considered next to AVG. Performance is excellent in manual virus bitdefender 2015scanning, USB virus scanning and removing virus. Excellent as real-time antivirus, it is continuously detecting, scanning and monitoring viruses. As an antispyware its performance is very good. Its installation procedure is quite simple, so it can be categorized as very good but its technical support is poor. Though it is good in resource usage because it occupies less space on CPU memory but it is not user-friendly, so it is categorized in good category.


Next to Bitdefender comes Norton with $39.99 pricing but it has 60 days guarantee. Though its performance as USB virus scanner is not so good and is average but as real-time antivirus it continuously detects, scans and monitors virus. Its performance as manual virus scanning and virus removal is excellent. It is very easy and fast to install, very user-friendly, so can be considered excellent in installation and user interface. Its technical support is just average being not very supportive. As an antispyware it is good enough to remove spyware. It occupies some space on CPU memory, even then it may be considered good in resource usage.


Next to Norton in performance, it is with $ 39.95 price but just 14 days guarantee. It is excellent in performing as real-time antivirus, virus removal, manual virus scanning and USB virus scanning. It is very good in performing as antispyware. Its installation is very easy and quick, thus categorized as very good. It is not so user friendly, so in good category. Its technical support is just average, not dependable. The software occupies some space on CPU memory, but categorized as good.


Next to Kaspersky in rating is Avira with cost $ 44.99 and 30 days guarantee. As real-time antivirus it works continuously to perform very good but as antispyware and in manual scanning of virus, its performance is not so effective and can be ranked just good. The software occupies less space on CPU memory and can be termed as very good. It is poor as user-friendly and average technical support is available. Virus removal and USB virus scanning is average.


Next in rating is Avast with price tag of $ 34.99 and 30 days guarantee. Its performance as real-time antivirus and virus removal can be considered very good along with same rating for manual virus scanning. Its installation is very easy and quick with very good rating. Its performance as antispyware is good enough but as USB virus scanner is poor. Technical support provided is very poor. It is good enough in resource usage and user interface features.


Next to Avast is McAfee with $ 24.99 price tag and 30 days guarantee. It is average in technical support but poor in installation and user interface feature. Though it is very good in performance as real-time antivirus but is poor for virus removal, USB virus scanning and manual virus scanning. It may be considered average as antispyware. It is average in the feature of occupying space on CPU memory.


Panda is last in 10 antivirus software rankings. As an antispyware it is very good but as real-time antivirus, virus removal and manual virus scanning, it is good enough. It is priced $ 31.99 with no guarantee. It has average performance in USB virus scanning. Technical support is poor. It is just average in installation, user interface and resource usage.

With these antivirus reviews, take your own decision to have one of them on the system.

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Strategy to Successful SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a holistic approach towards website improvement from the ground up. It looks at every element and proposes a better implementation to reach the desired goal. Using this strategy yields numerous benefits for businesses with the most important ones listed below:search-engine-optimization

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Millions of people perform web search every single day. That translates to a lot of potential impressions on search engine result pages or SERPs. It is the highly optimized websites that shoot to the top of SERPs for relevant queries. They gain exposure to a targeted audience who are interested in their content and actively looking for the products they offer. The brand can be seen over and over along with a short snippet that describes the site or the company below the URL.

This is essentially online marketing on widely used platforms such as Google and Bing. Brand awareness can be promoted at a fraction of the cost required for traditional media like television, radio and print. People nowadays are increasingly shifting towards web-based media consumption anyway so it only makes sense to go where they are. Having a strong Internet presence is no longer a luxury but a prime requirement for survival.

Increased Traffic

Beyond impressions, SEO helps sites to increase the number of views they receive day in and day out. It is a strategy that focuses on the little things that are often neglected but can aid tremendously in raising the perception of relevance for target keywords. These include title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, URL construction, and so on. The outcome is a top level ranking that puts their links in the position to be clicked on and visited by more searchers than ever before.

Traffic-BoomThere are countless businesses jockeying for position on the SERPs. Sites that do not implement any optimization techniques are at a big disadvantage to those that are using every known technique to gain the lead. Every company must try to be as competitive as it can by learning how to play the rules in the Internet Age. The efforts will be thoroughly rewarded with improved traffic and consequently higher sales figures.

Better User Experience

It should be noted that SEO is not just about stuffing keywords in strategic places and watching the ranking magically move up as a result. Using keywords is certainly part of the overall strategy but there is a lot more than must be done if one hopes to reach the top of the heap. In fact, some have been known to be overzealous about this to the point of creating nearly unintelligible content that turns off visitors and gets penalties from search spiders. Everything must be done in moderation and content must always be king. Post articles that are relevant and helpful to provide value to the readers.User Experience

Google and Bing have vastly improved their algorithms to identify websites that offer truly valuable content. These are the ones that get pushed up in the rankings. Other factors are also considered including faster loads times so webmasters are encouraged to use smaller file sizes for pictures and select a webhost that can serve pages quickly. Optimization experts will look into the things that enhance user experience as they not only produce a better rank but also convince viewers to keep coming back for more.

A Final Word

SEO should be used by any business serious about reaching a wider audience. It is a cost effective approach towards marketing that increases visibility in the digital realm where people continue to flock in droves when looking for products and services. One may want to see more Google SEO guides for reference here.

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Is Apple Watch Worth It?

The Apple Watch is Apple’s Inc. move into the emerging smartwatch market. Together with the iPhone 6, the watch targets the fashion conscious and the tech savvy crowd and promises to be among the hottest gadgets of 2015. It comes in three versions — the regular, the sport and the Edition model — each of them available in two sizes. A few dozen types of straps allow further customization in order to find just the right look for you.

As in the case of other Apple devices, the interface and apps promise to make for a most exciting user experience. You can now do from your wrist what before needed to be done from the phone, plus a few new things into the bargain. For example, you can use the apple-watchwatch screen to draw pictures and then send them to your friends with just one click. The expected capabilities are there, of course — you can manage your contacts, take calls, send text messages and install new applications. Many of these require syncing with the iPhone but if you are considering buying the watch it is a good bet you already have one of those.

The watch comes with Apple Pay, the new technology through which Apple attempts to make shopping simpler than ever before. The smartwatch promises to be a safe and secure contactless payment method. With it you won’t need to carry cash or dig around for the credit cards anymore. Whether or not this technology takes off is a question the future will settle, but we have to admire Apple for pushing the envelope once again.

The Apple Watch has a number of health related uses as well — it counts the number of steps you take and also your monitors your heart rate. The watch doesn’t have GPS but if synced it can access the iPhone’s GPS, enabling it to be used as a running watch. While this is useful, we can only hope that the next version will also have blood pressure monitoring capabilities.

The biggest disappointment about Apple’s new watch is perhaps the battery capacity. Not only does it have to be charged every day but in some cases you might have to do it twice a day. With a life of roughly 18 hours there are much better options on the market if you are looking for a smartwatch with battery autonomy.

Apple_Watch_send_your_own_drawingsWhether or not the new watch from Apple is worth the hefty price tag is a matter of consumer perspective. On the upside some of the features, like sending your own drawings, are really cool. The look is less futuristic than it might be but Apple has hardly made a misstep in this department in recent memory, so their design is likely geared for success this time as well . The downside is the limited battery life and the fact that it doesn’t really bring too many new functionalities over the iPhone. Ultimately this is what this smartwatch really is – an accessory to the iPhone and a fashionable status symbol.

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All about my IP address and MAC address

In modern computer technology, IP address is a fascinating product that aims at allowing one digital device or computer to communicate with other through the internet. With the help of IP addresses location of nearly billions of system and digital devices connected to the Internet can be differentiated from other computers or devices. Remote computers require your IP address for communicating with your system. The term IP in IP address means Internet Protocol. IP is a set of rules governing activities of internet as well as facilitating completion of varying actions on WWW (World Wide Web). Hence, IP address basically is a part of systematically laid interconnected grid governing online communication via identifying different Internet destinations as well as IP address and MAC addressinitiating devices hence establishing 2-way communication. There are 4 numbers in IP address each containing 3 digits and all four numbers can be separated from one another via single dot. The range of 4 numbers will be between 0 and 255. IP address can be dynamic or static where static never changes whereas dynamic can be changed.

With IP address there is hardware address as well. It is typically tied to key connection device called NIC (Network Interface Card) in your system.NIC essentially is system circuit card making it possible for system of yours to connect to network. Each NIC will have hardware address called Media Access Control, in short MAC address. As IP address is related to TCP/IP hence MAC address is associated to network adapter’s hardware. It is hard-coded or hardwired on network interface card of the system and will be unique. It is Address Resolution Protocol or ARP that translates IP address into MAC address. ARP acts like passport taking data from IP address via actual piece of your system hardware.

Address Resolution Protocol is protocol utilised by IP especially IPv4 for mapping Internet Protocol network address to hardware addresses that data link protocol make use of. It is protocol operating below network layer as part of interface between OSI link layer and OSI network layer. Address resolution means process of finding address of some computer in network. Address will be resolved using protocol using which piece of information will be sent by client process that is executing on local system to server process that is executing on remote system. Information obtained by server will allow server to identify uniquely the network computer for which address was needed and hence for providing required address. Procedure of address resolution will be completed when client receives response from server containing needed address. Four kinds of ARP messages are there that can be sent via ARP protocol and these are RARP reply, RARP request, ARP reply, and ARP request.

Let us see how Address Resolution Protocol works. When trying to ping some IP address on a local network, the system is required to turn IP address into MAC address. It involves ARP usage for resolving address. Computer will keep look-up table for ARP where it will be storing information about all IP addresses that are related with particular MAC address. While trying sending a packet to IP address, system would first consult that look-up table for seeing if it already knows MAC address. In case the value has been cached, ARP will not be used. In case ARP isn’t found in ARP look-up table, system would be sending broadcast packet to network by making use of ARP protocol. As it is a broadcast packet, it is sent to special MAC address causing all machines on network to access it. Machine that has requested IP address would reply with ARP packet and it would include MAC address as well that can obtain packets for that particular IP.

Those who can access system would find MAC address by making use of ip addr Is or ifconfig commands. This would not help those who are in remote locations and accidently have given same IP address to 2 machines. As already mentioned, ARP allows host to find MAC address of the node with IP address on same physical network on being provided with the IP address of the node. For making ARP efficient, every system caches the IP to MAC address mappings for eliminating repeated ARP broadcasting requests made. With the help of ARP tool users can view as well as modify entries of ARP table on local system. ARP command will be useful if you want to view ARP cache as well as resolve address resolution issues.

There is a wide range of tools available for changing MAC address as well as IP address and two popular tools are given below:

Change MAC address – It is a spoofing tool for MAC address. In firmware of network adapter chip, each network adapter will have change mac addressunique MAC address that is embedded by the manufacturer. At times one may require finding out or changing MAC address of network adapter primarily if used for the internet access authentication. This tool allows you to spoof MAC address easily just with few clicks wherein users would be capable of changing their MAC addresses. While the process is going on, it is possible selecting varying manufacturer or generating entirely random MAC address. Some features of this tool are given below:

  • Set MAC address without change of manufacturer
  • Set MAC address of some other manufacturer
  • Generate entirely random MAC address
  • Replace MAC address with other address
  • Show manufacturer of network adapter
  • Show MAC address of network adapter
  • Automatically activate new MAC address post change

My IP Hider – This tool allows users to enjoy private and anonymous web surfing. It offers protection and security at Wi-Fi hotspots placed publicly. This tool can be used on Mac, Android, iOs, and Windows. It will hide ip address of your system from hacker and snoopers. Every time when users connect to some hotspot, they will get new proxy ip address and their actual ip address would be hidden from outside world hence offering complete protection from cyber criminals. This IP Hiding software will replace your actual IP address with one that belongs to its own servers.

my IP Hider

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Six good habits to keep your PC safe

Security and safety of your system is certainly something that one has to deal with all the time. For covering all the security areas, it is best to keep anti-virus of your system updated as well as keep strong passwords for all online accounts. These passwords should be changed on regular basis. However, there are some other good habits given below that one can have for keeping their PC safe.

1.Maintain backup of all data- Backing up data will assist you in protecting in events of electric outage, computer crash, or surge likebackup-files the one produced by lightning storm. This would also help in case one falls prey to new kind of ransomware that encrypts sensitive data of yours. Back-up of all important documents can be done manually to external hard drive or by making use of different services available online.

2.Deals that are unbelievably good though they cannot be true should be avoided. Suppose one gets to see a deal for 90 percent off on The Beatles Collection CD, definitely it should be knocked-off. There are even worse situations wherein customers would be lured with amazing deals and post they’ve entered credit card information of theirs, they’ll never hear from deal providers ever again. Here your identity can be compromised. Hence, one should avoid such luring deals, offers, and sites.

3.Opening unknown emails must be avoided- emails from suspicious or unknown sources should never be opened. Definitely one should never open even those attachments that are there in it. One has to be alert regarding such emails. Even the emails that are coming from known person if appears suspicious must be avoided primarily if account of the sender is hacked. In case email from people with whom you are regularly communicating contains unusual content and suspicious link, it should be deleted as well as the person must be alerted immediately as her account could have been hacked. In this way one would prevent phishing scams and hacking attacks.

4.Regularly check firewall- for Windows-based system, firewall is available in search box. If the firewall is connected or on then it is fine. Mac users should click Apple icon on their toolbar and browse to system preferences-> security-> firewall. Ensure having 6-Tips-For-Keeping-Your-PC-Safefirewall in place as it will assist you in a long way when it comes to protecting your system from internet threats.

5.Be cautious of Rogue sites- it can be tough to spot rogue site but few things are there that one can do for honing their skills. Search for green lock in address bar especially when accessing webmail or entering credit card details. Clicks sent to email shouldn’t be clicked.

6.Sensitive information must be kept sensitive- irrespective of which site one is using while revealing sensitive information be careful. Information like credit card details or social security number should be used with trusted sites only. One has to be especially careful when using social networking sites. If you are revealing information like mother’s maiden name or pet name then it could lead to various identity thefts especially when you are using similar data as security question for other sites.

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